This set of wine glasses is tailor-made for lazy and clumsy people.
This set of wine glasses is tailor-made for lazy and clumsy people. Picture courtesy: Instagram/vat19

Every wine lover around the world wants just one thing-to relax or unwind with a glass if vino at the end of a long day. But can we really relax or lie back with the regular wine glasses we get in the market? Not really.

Plus, there’s the added disadvantage that regular wine drinkers face-staining. Whether it’s on your teeth or lips, red wine leaves a stain. And if, while searching for that completely comfortable posture to relax in, you drop a bit on your clothes, red wine is sure to leave a very bad stain.

Now, this everyday problem has the perfect solution!



A wine and bar accessory company, Oenophilia, has come up with Wino Sippers. With a spill-proof design, and an inbuilt glass straw on the side, this glass set of two is tailor-made for wine lovers.

It’s now possible to lie back and sip on wine out of classy looking, but practical glasses! Available on, this set might be a bit on the costly side for Indians (Rs. 7,394). But if you love your vino, and anyways spend a fortune on crystal wine glasses, this Wino Sipper set might just be the best thing to invest in.

Article via Indiatoday

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