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    13 Most Bizarre And Wonderful iPhone Accessories

    13. Umbilical Cord iPhone Charger

    This is an iPhone charger that is meant to resemble a human umbilical cord. It is the creation of an artist named and it is meant to be a statement on the growing human attachment to technology. The charger is eerily lifelike and fleshy on its own. On the video of the charger, you can see that the part that plugs into your phone actually quivers and beats like a real organism.

     You can purchase umbilical cable as of now on Etsy for £5200


    12. dancing pet speaker


    Dancing pet speaker is a device you can plug your phone into with an auxiliary cord and play music. It’s pretty standard accepted the fact the speaker dances along with you. You may think it’s a cute toy for kids but the dancing technology is not exactly high-tech and movements they make are a little wonky.

    11. lady’s hand phone case


    Japanese phone accessory supplier came up with the lady’s hand iPhone case.

    It is essentially a standard black iPhone case fitted with a realistic lady’s hand attached to be outside of it. Whenever you’re idly playing on your phone alone at night, you can pretend you are holding someone’s hand instead. They apparently even came up with different hand models depending on your preferences.


    There are multiple uses for the hand phone case: holding tiny objects, handle your makeup tools and you can stick it in your back pocket to creep people out


    10. Hana iPhone case

    This is “Hana” that from Japanese translates into “Nose.”


    Hana obviously is referring to the subtle silicon nose sculpted into this phone case. It advertises itself as a great piece of art to carry around on your phone and also highly functional case so you can stick your two fingers into the nostrils to hold it conventionally. And you can also stick your earbuds into the nostrils for safe keeping.



     9. As-seen-on-TV Hat

    That is the actual name of the product that allows you to discreetly watch videos in public. You insert your phone at the flap on the end of the hat and you can watch movies and youtube videos hands-free and in places like the airport, a long commute or even while camping. At least that’s what the commercial wants to believe.


    Blinders will block out ambient light and all the people who are definitely pointing at you and taking pictures to make fun of you later.


    8. The Power Flask

    The power flask is a discrete portable charger that will prevent you from looking like a nerd that carries around a spare battery for the phone and makes you look more like barely functional alcoholic.


    It can charge the three devices at once with two USB plugs and can provide around 10 hours of battery charge.

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    13 Most Bizarre And Wonderful iPhone Accessories