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    Maple Syrup -The Newly Discovered Sweet Cure For Alzheimer’s Disease

    As Fox News reports, it’s a sweet new health discovery:

    Maple syrup could cure Alzheimer’s disease.

    The delicious pancake topping may soon find its way into granny’s pill bottle because it stops brain cell damage that causes the disease, scientists revealed Monday.

    The tasty treat may prevent the clumping and “misfolding” of brain cell proteins — which build up and cause plaques that trigger the devastating disease, researchers at the American Chemical Society said.

    An extract of the sticky stuff stopped the dangerous “folding” in two types of brain proteins, researchers from the Krembil Research Institute of the University of Toronto said.

    maple cure

    “Natural food products such as green tea, red wine, berries, curcumin and pomegranates continue to be studied for their potential benefits in combating Alzheimer’s disease,” said symposium director Dr. Navindra Seeram.

    “And now, in preliminary laboratory-based Alzheimer’s disease studies, phenolic-enriched extracts of maple syrup from Canada showed neuroprotective effects, similar to resveratrol, a compound found in red wine,” she said.

    Researchers plan to study whether a maple syrup extract can be effective as a cure for degenerative brain disease.

    Article via FoxNews


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    Maple Syrup -The Newly Discovered Sweet Cure For Alzheimer's Disease