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Who Wouldn’t Want A T-Shirt Full Of Cats?

Who wouldn’t want a t-shirt full of cats?

Dog lovers, that’s who. But we are not dog lovers over here because we are loyal to the black cat, who doesn’t care one way or another whether or not we are cat lovers.

And nothing shows your support to the feline creature quite like an ironic and nonsensical t-shirt filled with images of cats.

Because who actually loves cats just for being cute and fluffy? Nobody that has ever owned a cat, that’s for sure.

Cats are known to be selfish, moody, greedy and more!

And we love them for it.

Because sometimes, when we least expect it, these little fur balls jump onto our laps and purr their way right into our hearts. Then, the moment that we are sufficiently melted into a puddle of love and admiration, they attack.

Next, they disengage themselves from our stunned bodies and stare at us with a look of disdain, as if they can’t believe that we would even trust them with our display of weakness.

With a nonchalant flick of the tail, they turn their backs to us and leave us in the cold shadow of loneliness until they decide to grace us with their presence, once again.

This cycle of attention and the cold shoulder would never stand in a human relationship, but it is the very essence of the cat. It is why they are the rulers of the household and the governors of our hearts.

What better way to pay tribute to these adorably evil little beings than to adorn ourselves with a high quality shirt with a picture of our favorite creature, totally dominating.

Our shop has recently released five T-shirts that do exactly that. They are the perfect gift for cat lovers and an even better treat for ourselves (because, who really needs a reason to have these shirts except for the fact that they rock?). Plus, we offer free shipping worldwide, so there is no stopping this awesomeness from getting to your closet.

Awesome Style #1 – Cat Mania

A silky, fitted jersey shirt is the perfect place to start for your personal cat tribute. Images of cats from all over the world are randomly placed across the material so that no space is left uncovered. All emotions of the cat are displayed, from the sweet and loving look all the way to the infamous evil face.

Their big, round eyes suck you in and their cute little noses make you want to reach out and pet them. Some have their mouths agape, as if to hint at a meow. The details of the images are so crisp that you can see every whisker on each cat, as if it were right before you. The amount of cat images almost reaches a level of absurdity, making this ironic t-shirt an even more perfect statement for the cat lover.


Awesome Style #2 – Omnipotent Cat

Is this a space cat or an ancient cat? Or is it a parallel universe where cats rule the world and have also ruled technology beyond our wildest imaginations? We may never know the truth about the potential of cats, but this t-shirt gives one peek into what might exist if cats were given the freedom to run things around here.

Needless to say, this t-shirt has it all: rainbows, hover cats, third eyes, pyramids and spaceships. Whether you are trying to express your undying belief that cats could potentially rule the world one day, or you’re trying to confuse your friends, this shirt is sure to be a conversation starter. Or at least a whole lot of fun to look at.


Awesome Style #3 – Kittyzilla

What would happen to the world if the cutest kitty imaginable suddenly became a giant and unknowingly destroyed the nearest metropolis?


How would you even handle this kitty except with fear and also adoration? Perhaps this is why we love this shirt so much. Do we love the action and chaos? Or do we love the adorable little kitty? Mostly it’s a funky combination of all of the above that makes us giddy with pride for the cats in our lives.


Awesome Style #4 – Space Kitty

This t-shirt is set in space, with the material serving as the perfect platform to stretch an image of the distant universe across the background. Space clouds, made up of interstellar debris and gas only visible with a highly technical telescope, are floated across the t-shirt to give a feeling of grandiosity. The clouds are orange and fluffy, which is a bit reminiscent of an orange and fluffy cat.

So that’s what we put on the t-shirt, next.

We took an image of our favorite orange feline and placed it right over a space cloud. His open, gaping mouth seemed a bit amiss, though, so we naturally positioned a waterfall to come out of it. The stream of water falls into a fluffy pillow of white foam, right over where our planet Earth might be. This transfer of energy insinuates that perhaps our feline friend has god-like powers over our universe, which we have suspected all along.

Awesome Style #5 – Hungry Kitty

As is true to all fluffy kitties, they will eventually emerge from their slumber with a ferocious case of the munchies, only to meow angrily until you provide them with enough sustenance to return to their caves. When we meet them at their food bowls they love on us passionately for being the givers of food. Once the food is set, they timidly inspect it, awaiting approval with their big, round eyes.

And then they dig in.

In this t-shirt, we did our best to capture that moment when our kitties regain the power in the dynamic. After the food is given and just before they have buried their faces in it, there is a look of dismissal, as if to say that our job in the transaction is done and now we may let them eat in peace. And of course, this kitty is eating a taco and pizza because everyone loves tacos and pizzas, and since it was our shirt to design, that’s what we chose to put on it.


Each of these designs is undoubtedly unique; you will be hard pressed to find anything like it anywhere else on the web. The quality of the shirt is remarkable and the artwork is divine. Cat lovers can proudly display their devotion to the feline powers that be for under $20 a pop.
Our latest designs are fresh off the press and ready to impress your friends, family, coworkers and fellow citizens. Come to our shop to stock up on our t-shirts for any upcoming holidays, birthdays, or random days that might call for a gift exchange. Or stock up for your very own rotation of shirts for every day of the week. It’s your call and we certainly won’t judge.

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Who Wouldn’t Want A T-Shirt Full Of Cats?