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    Game-changing Muscle Building Cookbook. Expert Review

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    The Bottom LineThe Fat Burning Kitchen iS a 24-Hour Diet Transformation to make your body a fat-burning machine. It is a best-selling nutrition guide written by Mike Geary, world-renowned certified trainer and nutritionist.

    Let’s face it.

    You can do every bodybuilding workout ever invented but it won’t do you any good if you are not eating enough food.

    Many people try to make up for crappy nutrition by supplementing their mass diet with hundreds of dollars worth of pills and powders they found at the supplement shop, but the fact remains:

    The best way to build muscle is with good old fashion eating.

    The best bodybuilding meal plans should focus on healthy sources of nutrition for building muscle and burning fat. A bodybuilder’s diet is commonly composed of low-fat proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

    Along with the actual bodybuilding meal plan, you also need to make sure that you’re consuming an adequate amount of water each day to achieve the best results with your training & eating strategies. The bodybuilding meal plan should also include pure protein sources, such as: whey protein (24grams/scoop and 100 calories), egg whites (24 grams protein/6 egg whites and 102 calories) or turkey breast (20 grams protein/ 3oz serving size and 90 calories).

    The problem is that with the majority of muscle building meal plans you can get bored with the selection of available foods and recipes too quickly and slip off the diet fast without achieving any results at all. Or even worse – gaining more weight.

    This is BIG issue in bodybuilding training programs with constant research going into how to combine bodybuilding foods in a tasty & sexy manner. One of the latest solutions was the idea behind developing now renowned ANABOLIC MEAL PLANS – effective bodybuilding meal plans that you can enjoy. Full stop.

    Just think of it.

    Build muscles, burn fat and enjoy your food – yes that is possible.

    Who is Dave Ruel and why he just Did it

    The Author of “Anabolic Cooking” Dave Ruel in action

    The leader on the market of anabolic cooking meals is the program called “Anabolic Cooking Cookbook” developed by the guy called Dave Ruel aka “Muscle Cook.” Avid competitive bodybuilder, professional Fitness Coach and Nutritionist, Dave shows that bodybuilding and fitness nutrition is not only made of broccoli, boiled chicken breasts, and baked potatoes. He effectively debunks the myth of bland options for muscle development and healthy weight gain.

    Anabolic cooking is mainly based on the thought of forcing your corpse to blaze fats and not muscles.To make your dishes appetizing, the cookbook provides tips and tricks to transform cooking for bulking up and getting sculpted in an exciting and creative manner. Another good thing is that unlike most of the pill-popping eating plan experts out there, Dave Ruel is a fully trained bodybuilder who has not simply enhanced his personal muscle development regime but has utilized it to effectively coach numerous world-famous bodybuilders.

    So what sorts of recipes are included in the book? Well, Dave Ruel, in fact, goes by almost all of the various food groups and features additional extras along. For all of the groups, he is offering around 25 to 30 different recipe choices making it a great resourceful recipe book with over 200 delicious muscle building recipes.

    Who needs Anabolic Cooking and why it is a game changer in Bodybuilding meals

    Anabolic-Cooking-DietIf you’ve ever been on a muscle building diet before and have reached the point where you have just as much desire to eat yet another chicken breast as you do to go clean your bathroom, this book is for you.


    As many of you know trying to eat the right muscle building foods can get boring pretty fast, there are only so many chicken breasts and broccoli you can eat. That’s where Anabolic Cooking comes in. The big issue here is how to follow a good muscle building diet plan without going crazy over the bland food and the boring dishes. Your Muscle building hormones will decrease if you don’t consume enough of healthy stuff. There are many people that are using Anabolic Cooking to replace their boring diet and quicken their weight loss journey and muscle building efforts. The anabolic cookbook is aimed at bodybuilding Pros and enthusiasts, is used extensively by bodybuilders to get shredded for bodybuilding shows, by fitness models preparing for the photoshoots and regular fitness enthusiasts who want to improve their physique. Dave Ruel is somehow aware that not everyone has the luxury to be in the kitchen all day cooking up healthy meals.

    The Anabolic Cookbook is designed in such a way that it becomes a source that will assist you in developing a meal program that’s excellent-flavored, can be cooked in an easy and straightforward fashion as well as be very specific to your personal physical fitness ambitions. Or if you are lazy like me Dave Ruel gives you the meal plans, so really, the guesswork is GONE. This saves a boatload of time.

    The bottom line is that the key to cracking both weight loss and muscle building centers on healthy nutrition every time.

    Anabolic Cooking is a great little gem that anyone who is serious about muscle building nutrition should add to their toolkit to get the best results FAST.

    So browse the official Dave Ruel Anabolic Cooking here to find out more and get it now as Muscle Cook really knows what he is serving you…

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    Game-changing Muscle Building Cookbook. Expert Review