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    About Us

    Are you on the prowl for interesting stories, like a hungry, story-eating bear? These days there’s so much info out there – so how do you find just the satisfying and sexy stories worthy of your time? Great stories make the human experience more, well, human. They’re the delicious snack food of the mind, even better than a handful of delectable M & Ms. Stories can chart the progress of an “average Joe” who overcomes the crap of life to become a truly badass individual. Sites like Buzzfeed or the Huffington Post can be great, yet a question here: “How many Buzzfeed writers does it take to change a light bulb? 13 – number 9 will shock you!”

    If you’re tired of weird articles about channeling your “inner potato” or opinion pieces and just want the raw deal, where do you turn?

    We here at FlyViral know great stories. We find them and condense them into tasty, bite-sized, fascinating, and easily-digestible chunks for your mind. Great stories are all around us, just waiting to be told and share their wisdom – and FlyViral brings them right to you. You won’t go wrong by checking out our site.

    You may be saying to yourself, “Well, yeah, disembodied narrator; stories can be great, but not every story is!” We agree completely, and that’s the whole point of FlyViral. We’ve all been sitting there, bored out of our minds listening to one of the grandma’s stories about life in the dinosaur age (no offense grandma, we love you!). We know that in today’s sea of information only some stories are worth the effort of reading, and we’ve got a sincere desire to bring you only the best, most interesting and scrumptious content. All of us here at FlyViral live by our simple motto: Remarkable Stories Daily. This isn’t just a tagline, but a promise to you that you’ll encounter only the most fascinating facts and tantalizing top ten lists on our site, covering pretty much everything you could imagine; from tattoos to inspirational quotes to tips for success in life. We separate the wheat from the chaff, the good stories from the bad, ensuring you only get high-quality, refreshing info that satisfies your intellectual appetite. These are true stories written by story-lovers, for story-lovers. Our site offers only the most sensational, interesting, and compelling articles and videos to you, the viewer. So, you say you need good stories? Come join us today and live the interesting life!

    Congratulations! You’ve in the right place. Do enjoy and come back for more to live the interesting life!