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    3 Delicious Weight Loss Smoothies That Will Make You Feel Ridiculously Good

    If you are aiming to get some extra shine and radiance to your skin, these healthy slim-down smoothies we hand-picked might be exactly what you are looking for. Did you know – not all of the smoothies are good for you! Such ingredients as canned fruits or vegetables, some dairy products including ice-cream and frozen yogurt, protein powders and sweeteners that are contained within some of the store-bought juices can bring you the opposite effect and excess of calories.

    Yet if you are on a serious weight loss mission and need to add some sparkling energy to your dietary plan, then we recommend this Red Smoothie Detox Program that will do some serious wonders to your body.


    If researched with care, smoothies may very well be your very best self-kept weight-loss secret. The blended beverage provides you with a great deal of nutrition along with protein and fiber to help keep you full until your next meal. Whipping up a smoothie in the morning for breakfast will further help you modernize your metabolism right off the bat every day.

    That brings us to the top 3 hand-picked breakfast weight loss smoothie recipes to enjoy in the morning to ensure the awesome mood and healthy energy for the day ahead.

    So easy and so effective -with a quick whir of the blender – just like that!

    Vanilla SmoothieVanilla Smoothie Goodness.Start your brilliant mood with having a sip of metabolism-boosting compounds, like Greek yogurt rich with calcium, almonds, and broccoli high-fibre strawberries and spicy cinnamon, among other fat-burning ingredients.

    Cannellini beans and the almonds also include a wide range of necessary protein, and to add more, the zinc in the yogurt might enhance the development of the hormonal agent leptin, which is proven to boost metabolic process and suppress appetite. The prime-fibre strawberries help keep you feeling full longer and are also packed with vitamin C. Pour in green tea herb for caffeine, an all-natural metabolism booster, and top it all off with cinnamon, a warming spice that adds intricate taste and warming energy. Eventually, your breakfast is going to be under 345 calories providing you with over 30 grams of protein and just above 8 grams of fiber.


    For additional nutritional fiber, necessary protein, and a touch of uniqueness, include chia seeds in your morning healthy weight loss smoothie. They’ll help you stay full without the craving for that mid-morning pastry run. This chia berry juice smoothie will also be packed with antioxidants for your great health.

    Chia seeds provide a straightforward supply of plant-based health proteins, anti-inflammatory omega-3s, and minerals in your daily diet. If you find their crispy texture just a little off-putting by themselves, consider tossing them into this rejuvenating morning hour healthy smoothie. An excellent supply of vitamin c and boasting greater than 10 grams of fiber, less than 250 calories, this detox busting breakfast blend gets an extra lift with lots of chia power.

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    3 Delicious Weight Loss Smoothies That Will Make You Feel Ridiculously Good