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    10 Most Restricted And Forbidden Places You Are NOT Allowed To Visit. N3 Will Make You Shiver.

    Whether they are sacred, top secret, or just too dangerous, these locations prohibit anyone from stepping foot inside them.
    What secrets could possibly be locked away in these locales?
    They say curiosity killed the cat, but we want you to know anyway!

    Here are 10 forbidden places you’re not allowed to visit (even if you really, really want to).

    1o. Vatican Secret Archives Located in Vatican City in Rome, the Vatican



    Secret Archives is owned by the Pope, and can only be visited by qualified scholars after a rigorous application process.
    Although there have been some documents released for public viewings, such as letters from Abraham Lincoln and the decree for Martin Luther’s excommunication, the majority of its contents are kept under lock and key. Anyone granted access to the archives is only allowed to pick from a catalogue of items to view and study.


    All of the secrecy has caused many to speculate on what the Catholic Church could possibly be hiding. Some say they have buried away texts that prove the existence of extraterrestrial life. Others claim that they are withholding evidence that disproves the teachings of the Catholic Church.
    Unfortunately, we may never know what lies hidden in those walls.

    9. Heard Island

    This Australian territory is a large island among the much smaller McDonald Islands in the southern region of the Indian Ocean.
    It is home to birds, seals, and penguins. Apart from that, there’s not much to report about this island. Oh, except Big Ben, the massive, active volcano that makes up the entirety of the island.


    The volcano extends 2,745 meters above sea level, making it one of the tallest mountains in Australian territory.
    It is the danger of visiting the island that makes it difficult to visit, but not necessarily from the volcano.
    Apart from the year-round freezing temperature of about 35 degrees Fahrenheit, the island is a two-week boat ride from the nearest civilization. Because of the risks involved in visiting the island, you have to have special permission from the Australian government before even attempting the trip.

    8. Bohemian Grove

    The Bohemian Grove is a campground located in California. It is where members of the Bohemian Club gather for their annual retreat and has been a staple of political conspiracy theorists for generations. Its members consist largely of artists and musicians, as well as prominent businessmen and political leaders.
    No women are allowed. Some past members include U.S. presidents and CEOs of major corporations.
    The only way into the grove is via membership or special invitation from the other members.



    During the retreat, the festivities include plays and rituals, one of which is called the “cremation of care” which is accompanied by a pyrotechnic display.
    The encampment lasts two weeks, and no one apart from members truly knows what goes on there.
    One can only imagine the shenanigans these rich, old, white guys get up to.

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    10 Most Restricted And Forbidden Places You Are NOT Allowed To Visit. N3 Will Make You Shiver.