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10 Hairstyles That Look Exceptional On Women 40+

As we get older our hair texture and facial features change, and the wrong hairstyle can age you dramatically! Sadly, scientists haven’t yet discovered the elixir of youth, and despite claims to the contrary the secret to a youthful appearance doesn’t exist in a bottle, or at the end of a needle!

It’s easy to get stuck in a hair rut, and trust us, nothing will age you more! So here are our suggestions for hairstyles that will knock 10 years off your age! And don’t worry, changes don’t have to be dramatic, even small changes can update your existing look!

10.The Classic Bob

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An old favorite, and for good reason, the classic bob never goes out of fashion and looks good at any age. If you have fine hair, the edge of your bob should be blunt, but for coarser hair consider some layers.

A classic bob is flattering for an older face for a few reasons. The jaw line angled cut emphasizes the cheekbones and defines the jaw line, giving the appearance of a gravity defying bone structure. But be careful,  if your face is round avoid styling this cut curled under, as it will give the face a fuller appearance. Also a very short bob which exposes the hairline at the back can be very unforgiving if you have a few grey hairs making an appearance!

9. Short Choppy Layers

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As we get older, hair texture changes and you lose volume as the hair thins. A short and choppy layered hairstyle can give the illusion of thickness to thinning hair. Additionally, a short layered style will add width to the face particularly around the eyes. This counteracts a gaunt appearance which can be apparent in an older face, drawing attention to the eyes and framing the face as a whole.

Try and aim for mid-neck length as too short can be dated (think 80s do’s) and longer can be reminiscent of the good old mullet!! Which nobody wants….

8. Graduated Layers

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I know that everyone says you should avoid long hair as you get older, but there are some exceptions to the rules, if you are careful! You’ll start to realize that as you age, the secret to a youthful appearance is highlighting the good, and distracting from the not so good!

If you want to keep some length, the longest length should fall at the collarbone. This is a sexy part of any woman’s body regardless of age. A blunt cut can be too severe looking, highlighting every wrinkle and trouble spots you have. Adding layers modernizes the style, and can open up the face.  If you have fine hair, the layers should be no shorter than jaw length, for thicker hair, layers can start at the cheekbones, accentuating the bone structure.

7. Pixie Cut

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Okay, so this hairstyle requires some courage to pull off! But if you have the bone structure, a short and youthful pixie cut can take years off you!

If you’ve had long hair for a while, the leap to pixie cut can be huge, but it can be well worth the risk! This modern cut is becoming increasingly popular because it not only  looks youthful, but can appear very elegant too.

As the pixie requires minimal maintenance, it is a favorite of women young and old, so if you’re feeling brave the pixie might be for you! If you opt for the pixie cut though, you must wear it with pride and confidence to real pull off the complete look! And for older women, consider asking your stylist for blended layers which can look less harsh than the choppy layers seen in a traditional pixie cut.

6. The Chignon

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Another old classic, the chignon is a knot or twist of hair. Chignon, derived from the French ‘Chignon du cou’ meaning nape of the neck, where the chignon is typically worn, is a very elegant and sexy hairstyle on any woman.

This hairstyle shows off the neck, jaw and collar-bone, making the wearer ooze sex appeal. And although traditionally a formal up do, the Chignon can also be a less structured, more casual style for everyday wear.

In fact, a very sleek and structured chignon can make you look dated. A looser style is much more modern and can help soften the face. The addition of a braid or two can also really modernize this hairstyle.

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10 Hairstyles That Look Exceptional On Women 40+